Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sewing techniques resources roundup

Every month I start off with a new theme and I try my best to include all the relevant links as the month goes on. Sometimes that means publishing as many as 10 links in a single post. But however hard I try there are always some great resources that I am not able to mention during the month. That's why I publish a combined resources roundup post at the end of each month. So you could check out all those resources if you are interested in exploring further.

For the sewing techniques roundup, here are some great resources I found:

Sewing Tutorial 
If you want to be a self taught seamstress this page is a goldmine for you. The owner has compiled tutorials on tons of sewing techniques conveniently on a single page. Very useful.

At Sew Easy Sew Free, we bring you free sewing tutorials everyday...well, almost everyday. Become a Follower to get updates with each new tutorial.


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