Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy new year!

Happy New Year to all of you!
New Year, New month, new day! An awesome time to start new things. I hope you have some great resolutions for this brand new year and you keep them as the year progresses.
As a sewing enthusiast, my resolutions often include learning some new sewing techniques and trying out some new to me projects.
So I thought just in case some of you have the same things on their list, I will start the January featuring a different sewing technique everyday. We will start off with some basic techniques and then feature some advanced sewing tips near the end of January. With these features, I hope to demystify some sewing design elements that you keep seeing at various places but just chalk them up to being too difficult or "not for me" types. I also hope that you will share your favorite techniques in the comments or at least let me know what techniques you would like to see most.

So are you ready? Bring out your needles and threads, sharpen those scissors...2013 here we come!

PS: the first tutorial coming up at 10:00 PM PST today.

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