Sewing/Crafting Blogs We Love

This page is a compilation of some great blogs and websites that I have been following for years ( no kidding!) and have learned a great deal from. I am compiling it here as a hat tip to these great persons who have shared their love of sewing/crafting so generously. I also hope that this list will introduce the readers to some gems of blogs which they may not be aware of.

Here we go:

Make It and Love It
If I'm ever allowed to pick just one crafting/sewing blog to follow, its going to be this. No doubt. Ashley is sort of the sewing diva for me, whipping out amazing garments with alarming regularity. I'm still recovering from the shock of the amazing costumes she made for her kids last Halloween. Paired with fresh fun photography and uber-cute kids this blog is a total winner.

Kari has curated this blog with craft and sewing tutorial of amazing quality. Even if you don't want to make anything, you could still get lost in all the eye-candy over here. Check out UCreate multiple times a day for your sewing/crafting fix.

Lil Blue Boo
Maybe its in the name, here is another amazing designer Ashley. She shows off her creativity  at Lil Blue Boo, named after her cute little girl. She shares sewing tutorials too ( and very popular ones at that) but you will also love her blog for her wry humor, her inspirational articles and above all her positive attitude in the face of cancer. Yes she is struggling with Cancer, but from whatever I know about her, I know that she is gonna kick its ass!

Prudent Baby
A brain child of two fun girls Jaime and Jacinda you would love this blog for many reasons. The sewing and crafting tutorials they regularly feature, the quick and easy yummy recipes they share and just the fun vibe they seem to emanate.

Ikat Bag
If you ever wanted a really detailed tutorial on something related to sewing, check out Ikat Bag. If she has anything on the topic, there is a high likelihood that it would be the best tutorial on the topic you will ever find. Here blog is also famous for cardboarding ( she claims that its a totally acceptable term). The women could make a castle of cardboard before you could spell "CARDBOARD".

Simple Simon And Company
There is nothing 'simple' about this blog...ok...well in a way there is but in this case the 'simple' comes after 'style'. Oh was there ever a blog that showed style in kids clothing. She shows us how simple can be fun.

Shwin and Shwin
So you like to sew? For a little girl? Then you must check out Shwin and Shwin. the sisters keep coming up with amazing clothes and provide full tutorials for your sewing pleasure.

Blooms And Bugs
Oh before I forget! I have a little sewing blog too. I'm a little self-conscious sharing the space with all these sewing/blogging divas. But I just have to put myself out there, right? My blog mainly features tutorials for kids clothing. I think you would like some of those.

Me Sew Crazy
Here is another sewing divas. She comes up with amazing ideas for her kids clothes and then executes them to perfection, and also writes a tutorial in the process. Yes! she does make it look that simple. She is also the women behind Sew Set, the sewing patterns website that I already KNOW you will love.

Check back soon...more blog love coming up...


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