Sunday, July 1, 2012

Butterfly skirt sewing tutorial

We just concluded a month of summer sewing. Did you ever wonder why there weren't enough skirts among the summer wear? Well that's because I was planning to bring you a whole fortnight of skirts. Yep! Starting today we are going to share one amazing skirt pattern with you everyday until June 15th. After that there will be a new series beginning but more on that later.
For now, enjoy the most versatile, fun and flirty garment of the summer. Bring on The Skirt.

butterfly skirt sewing tutorial

When I first saw the this skirt doing rounds on pinterest, I was simply awestruck. That must have taken some serious machine hours to make, no wonder it turned out so fabulous, I said to myself. Thankfully for me, Jessica from my Inner Need To Create also shared the sewing tutorial for this butterfly skirt at Project Run And Play. And you know what it is actually pretty easy to make this butterfly skirt. So don't wait! Run to this awesome tutorial by Jessica!


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