Sunday, July 15, 2012

Appliqued Skirts tutorials

 Appliques are a great and fun way of perking up a plain piece of clothing, and skirts in particular provide a big blank canvas for appliques. Not to mention the great scrap buster that appliques are. Here're the tutorials for two fun skirts that use appliques as the core design element:

This bookworm skirt makes such a creative use of appliques. This will forever be my go to gift for a book loving little girl. Get the complete tutorial for the bookworm skirt here at living with the punks.

frooty Skirt sewing tutorial
Here's an appliqued skirt I made on my daughter's request. I simply love the fact that this is one of the few pieces of clothing she begs me to wear, instead of the other way round. Get the tutorial for this Frooty Skirt at blooms And Bugs.

And here's a super clever and cute butterfly applique skirt that I featured earlier.

PS: This is the last edition of skirt tutorials fortnight that started on July 1st. From tomorrow we will start a new series. Although, my bookmark list is overflowing with many more awesome skirt tutorials. I may do a roundup later today just to point you to more skirt awesomeness out there.


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