Thursday, April 26, 2012

School Girl Jumper Sewalong

School Girl Jumper Sewalong

Simple Simon and Co. has an incredibly detailed and step by step sewalong for this smart jumper dress.
First day is here,
Second day
Third Day
Follow along to make this pretty jumper dress

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  1. Your first post is a broken link. It looks like blogger did that stupid thing where it throws a blogger address before the link.
    I was wondering if you had come across any free purse patterns. I am looking for a decent sized bag pattern that would hold all the stuff I need for a daily basis.

  2. @Shaffer Sisters,

    Thanks for letting me know. Fixed it now.

    About the bag patterns here is the masterlist if tutorials featured on Sew Pretty Sew Free:
    Or you may want to take a look at patternpile's pinterest board

    Hope that helps,